Use a Github Personal Access Token with the Concourse CI/CD System

It’s actually pretty easy, but I don’t see many examples of setting it up online.

First, you need a Gitub Personal Access Token configured.

Next, here’s the github resource. I’m using a forked Spring Petclinic as an example repository, which comes from a variable, as well as the access token. Note the use of password: x-oauth-basic.


  - name: spring-petclinic
    type: git
      uri: ((spring-petclinic-repo-uri))
      icon: github
      branch: main
      username: ((github-apptoken))
      password: x-oauth-basic

This is the credentials file:

spring-petclinic-repo-uri: https://github.com/ccollicutt/spring-petclinic.git

github-apptoken: YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN

That’s it!