Deploy Harbor with Helm and Custom CA Certs

This is just a quick post on how to use a custom CA with Helm and Harbor. I won’t show installing helm or anything like that.

Below are the versions deployed. Note that Harbor 2.0 has recently been released, but here we are using Harbor 1.10.2 as the helm chart hasn’t been updated.

$ helm ls
NAME          	NAMESPACE	REVISION	UPDATED                                	STATUS  	CHART       	APP VERSION
harbor-central	harbor   	1       	2020-05-21 07:20:04.248551864 -0700 PDT	deployed	harbor-1.3.2	1.10.2 

I’m using mkcert, and I’ve generated the cert files. Note that I’m creating a cert for both the harbor and notary service.

mkcert harbor.example.com notary.example.com

Now we need to create a tls secret. NOTE: “tls” secret not a generic secret.

kubectl create secret tls harbor-certs \
  --cert=harbor.example.com+1.pem \

Export the values file.

helm show values harbor/harbor > harbor-values.yaml

And edit that file so that it knows about “harbor-certs”. E.g.

$ grep -A 2 -B 2 harbor-certs harbor-values.yaml 
    # link on portal to download the certificate of CA
    # These files will be generated automatically if the "secretName" is not set
    secretName: "harbor-certs"
    # By default, the Notary service will use the same cert and key as
    # described above. Fill the name of secret if you want to use a

And deploy!

helm install harbor-central harbor/harbor -f harbor-values.yaml

There are probably several other ways to do this, but this is certainly one! Of course this CA is going to have to be distributed as well.