Bottle, Elixir, Bootstrap and Datatables - Instant Admin Backend

UPDATE: I’ve recently stopped using Elixir and have moved to using straight SQLAlchemy.

Recently I have been working on a web-based administrative backend, and have found doing so unusually easy, mostly because of the combination of Bottle, a python micro-framework, Elixir, a wrapper over top of SQLAlchemy (which is itself an SQL toolkit and ORM), Twitter’s bootstrap, scaffolding for websites, and finally Datatables, which enables advanced interactions with HTML tables.

The only difficulty I had, and it was slight, was integrating bootstrap and datatables together, but this post helped out quite a bit.

I would certainly suggest to anyone looking to create an administrative backend, or any web application really, to look into these four technologies, as it would take very little time to create a minimum viable product, or a demo, using a combination of Bottle, Elixir, Bootstrap, and Datatables.

In future posts I will present an example application.